Capt. William “Bill” Brindamour, SAMS® AMS® | Principal Marine Surveyor


We are Maritime Business Consultants and Marine Appraisers Representing Commercial and Financial interests.

Maritime Surveying Services

We cover all commercial vessels, fishing vessels, yachts, sail and power to 200 ft, floating dry docks, casinos, passenger vessels to 500 ft, amphibians, ferries.

  • Condition & Valuation Surveys
  • Pre-Purchase & Insurance Surveys
  • New Construction Supervision
  • Refit & Overhaul Supervision
  • Maritime Claims Adjusting
  • P & I Surveys
  • P & I Claims Service
  • On and off hire inspections
  • Claims Arbitration Services
  • Professional Maritime Mediators


Maritime Appraisal Services

Inspection, and risk management services for marinas, boat builders, railways, ship repair facilities, shore side facilities including restaurants, docks and piers, retail outlets, discos, public and private beaches, marine parks, launching ramps, recreational facilities, rental outlets, ferry terminals, water taxies, warehouses, arcades, and any other shore side facility that could be affected by the marine environment.

We also provide maritime business consulting, and management services.

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Marine Logistics Company
Hampton, New Hampshire

Capt. William “Bill” Brindamour SAMS® AMS®
Principal Marine Surveyor
Phone: (603) 770-7711

Marine Logistics is a full service maritime consulting firm, with a principal office in New Hampshire. Regional associates are located nationwide, and several overseas affiliates are available to support our clients. Surveys for pre-purchase, condition and valuation, and marine claims, primarily conducted in Northern New England.